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domingo, 28 de octubre de 2007

A brief history of home exchange

Today I like to talk about a different way to spend your holidays, a Home exchange.

A home exchange is a unique vacation or sabbatical where you stay in my house and I stay in yours. You have the opportunity to vacation or study anywhere in the world and your costs (except for travel) are the same as they are at home.

Christian Home Exchange is a service of St. Hans Ministry Exchange, Inc., a nonprofit organization promoting vacation home exchanges and recognized in the USA as a tax-exempt organization.

"Exchanging" is a fun way to enrich your family, your church, your community, and you. We eagerly look forward to your participation.

We encourage vacation homes swap and ministry exchanges among Christians from around the world. For some, home exchanges are a retreat or study leave — A Clergy Sabbatical. For others, the Home exchange may be a break from everyday routines or holiday — A Vacation With A Mission™. All those who experience a Christian Home Exchange share in common their faith during their house exchange for a specified period of time.

More than 42,000 Listings in 147 countries available to Christian Home Exchange.

The partnership between ChristianHomeExchange.com and HomeExchange.com provides a world-class home exchange experience for Christians.

Our international home exchange network is the Internet leader in home swapping the vacation alternative, where You stay in my home while I stay in yours.

ChristianHomeExchange.com wants to encourage Christians to Vacation With A Mission that is, to develop relationships with Christians in other parts of the world.